10 Best Google Slides Presentation Themes

When some very important presentations are lined up for you, you need a lot of confidence and preparation. Apart from that, you require a perfect presentation template or theme. It makes things much simpler and helps the presenter to save hours of valuable time by reusing pre-designed slide decks for their presentations.

Free Google Slides Templates gallery has a wonderfully amazing collection of free templates for the popular Google Slides tool. The most important point is that it comes for absolutely free. Below is a list which will help you choose wisely, which theme would be apt for you. Check them out!

10 Best Google Slides Presentation Themes

#1 Red Aesthetics Google Slides Template

Red Aesthetics Template is basically constructed for those of you who need a professional touch added to your presentation. It’s designed to the level of perfection and you can create a set of storylines in each slide. Your topic can be quite broad. The scope of this template tends to be pretty wide. You can make use of diagrams, section separators, presentation timelines, charts, etc. All these features come free of charge. This theme is apt if you want to present something related to your business, education or even a Startup pitch. Its foundation rests on a dark background with black and white imagery. This helps your brain store the information displayed in all the slides. Different colors are used to highlight different topics and subjects within the presentation. The audience would find it helpful to get a visual connection with the details presented.

#2 Business Plan Google Slides Template

Business Plan Google Slides Template is for formal and neat expert presentations. It is suitable for business proposals, new ideas; innovations are other business related purposes. It has a lot of diagram elements to support the same. It also offers master slides for blank pages and columns and section separators simultaneously. This proves to be an efficient and simple solution for corporate and startups. The elements present under this template are many. They include organizational charts, marketing strategy diagrams, linear diagrams, Horseshoe process, four quadrants diagram etc. These can be used to depict business objectives and approaches simply.

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#3 Google Slides Themes UX Template

The UX Template contains a blue palette in which a Best Google Slides theme is present. It’s an all in one template which is ideal for business presentations and sales predictions/sales depiction. There are multiple designs among which the second one comes with the section separator. There is a neat two vertical tiles layout where you can add titles and bullet list. It is good for a comparison or to integrate two different elements. It contains a powerful background image set and infographic charts and shapes. The user gets special devices to edit the content with. Overall, this is a very powerful theme.

#4 Google Slides General Purpose Template

This template comprises over 50 professional design slides. All the slides are based on the same theme and every shape is known as a vector. The size, colors and appearance of these shapes can be customized by the user. A plethora of elements are readily available for use. You just have to drag and drop them. This theme can be used for banner creation, online publishing. It meets a lot of general needs and purposes. The designs benefit entrepreneurs a lot and you can easily describe companies and products. You can take the assistance of diagrams and charts for the same.

#5 Gradient Backgrounds for Google Slides

This template is made using a mixture of bright colorful gradients based on colors like orange and violet. The color and background matter a lot when it comes to a presentation including strong messages. This google slides theme is also packed with a lot of icons and shapes. All the features are customizable. It can be used for a variety of presentations like education-based, advertisement ideas etc.

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#6 Orange Presentation Google Slides Template

This free Google Slides template proves to be quite ideal for corporate presentation. It can either be used directly in Google Slides or be exported in pptx and edited in Microsoft PowerPoint. The template consists of an orange/brown palette where pictures and vectors can be used as per the user’s preference. You can showcase the best of your projects using this template. You can show your objective, progress etc. You can also make use of the vector charts, integrated with numerical. You can thus make an amazingly professional presentation with all details listed out in a simple manner.

#7 Modern Presentation Pitch Template

Modern Presentation Pitch template makes work simple for entrepreneurs and small/ startup businesses. It is made using a modern flat design along with icons and vector shapes which are obtained for free. All the elements are easily customizable and the presentations end up looking absolutely impressive. Modern graphic design techniques are used to the fullest. This visually appealing theme can be used for various purposes, both commercial and non-commercial.

#8 Free Google Slides Templates compelling lists (15 Slides)

Mainly for content marketers, making lists cuts down on the total amount of information and makes it simpler to understand the points. It has an attention retaining touch to it. This is ideal for users who want to include images of high quality and go for graphics rather than text. It helps you in creating an impactful presentation. The background pictures describe a metaphor, supporting the text and content of each slide.

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#9 Flat Highlighting Presentation Template

The most important aspects of this template are the neat layout and modern fonts that are used. You can create a diverse variety of presentations using this template. You can highlight only the important terms throughout the presentation using a couple of complementary fonts. The layouts are various, from which you can pick the ideal one. You can modify the elements according to the needs of each slide. This template can be used for any topic to make it look beautiful.

#10 Simple Pastel Theme Presentation Template

This template works well for teachers, professors and academic-oriented presentations. Your content is assisted by pictures, shapes and icons. Every element present as a part of this template is editable. The layouts are configured using the Slide Master. You can either choose a constant layout or change it. It is suggested that you use high quality pictures to go with the other aspects of the design. It is ideal for demonstrations, lectures, descriptions etc.

These are the 10 Best Google Slides Presentation Themes. Go check them out!