Top 5 Best Apps to Hide Text Messages on Android Phone

Best Apps to Hide Text Messages on Android Phone

Best Apps to Hide Text Messages on Android Phone

5 Best Apps to Hide Text Messages on Android Phone : Privacy is a concern for the majority of people nowadays. We live in an era where lots of our conversations occur through electronic communication apps on our smartphones. Whereas most people use the special electronic communication apps like WhatsApp, Hike, Viber, Facebook, Instagram etc. to converse on our humanoid devices, SMS isn’t obsolete however, as our SMS inbox contains lots of our sensitive data, just like the notification of transactions created through debit/credit cards, vital reminders for events, receipts of price tag bookings etc. lots of this data isn’t precisely the kind you’d wish to share with anyone or have them take a peek at. Everyone has deep motivations to hide text messages, contacts and decision logs on their smartphone. The most reason, they don’t wish to share their secret messages with anyone. That’s why they have a secret app to hide text messages and pictures on their golem device. Mainly, our young generation has terribly sensitive things on their smart phones and others will make certain detail. However, you don’t need to worry as here is the list of top 5 apps with which you can hide text messages.

Why does a person want to hide text messages?

There could be the following Five reasons when a person wants to hide his text messages:-

Hide Text Messages on Android

Functions of  Hide Text Messages Apps

1. Blocking – These apps can block the messages and calls from an unknown person or specified contacts, or containing specific keywords.

2.Hiding – Theses apps hide the text messages, images, videos etc. so that these are not accessible by any another person.

3. Self-Destructing – These apps can also send temporary messages that vanish after a given time, or once the action of the user is fulfilled.

5 Best Android Apps to Hide Text Messages on Android Phone

1. Message Locker:

hide text messages

Message Locker : Hide Text Messages

A definite advantage of this Hide Text Messages App is that it is often applied to not solely your default text messages, however conjointly alternative email and electronic messaging applications. It ensures your messages stay safe by protection and requiring a watchword for anyone making an attempt to access your SMS, messaging, and chat apps on your phone. This app is comparable to alternative app lockers; you’ll be prompted to line up a PIN-based password, which may even be modified to a pattern later. The app’s main screen options a listing of apps that the app secured thinks you would possibly wish to lock like Facebook, Skype, Messaging, WhatsApp, etc. you’ll be able to conjointly add alternative Hide Text Messages apps to list by sound on the and “+” icon at all-time low right of the screen. To lock associate degree app merely faucet on the lock image and you’ll be able to do identical to unlock the other app. once you try and open any of the secured apps, you’ll be asked to enter the PIN/Pattern that you had set earlier.

2. Private Message Box (Free) Private Text Messages Android App

Private Text Messages Android App

Private Text Messages Android App

Private SMS & calls – Hide Text (Free) produce a secure area for you, that is decision as PrivateSpace. The setup of this app is incredibly straightforward, you would like to line up a pin to lock and while not pin, no one will access this app. whereas app setting, you’ll choose the choice to cover this app from your app list.This is the best app to hide text messages from your girlfriend.

Once the installation is complete, you would like to import all contacts into this app that you would like to cover. Once you add your contacts during this app, this may be labeled as personal and conjointly you get the choice to cover them from your address book. All the messages sent or received from these contacts can show personal text messages on and golem phone and it’ll be kept as dummy message with them safely at their place and you can access it later whenever you want.

Additionally, you’ll hide decision logs and might block the decision that irritates you. Once you receive the new message from this contacts, you get dummy message alert and other people suppose that this is often general notification.

3. Vault-Hide SMS, Pics & Videos Android App

Best Apps to Hide Text Messages on Android

Hide Text Messages on Android

This app is most widely used among the users. You may have your own personal vault, enabling you to stay text messages and different knowledge hidden from others who could stalk through your phone. Not solely can your vault be secret protected; however you’ll conjointly favor to conceal it for value-added protection. You’ll hide text messages, videos, chat sessions and a lot of, for completely no value. Vault is associated app that returns a protracted means within the past number of years. Currently Vault has evolved into a lot of a privacy center.

With the free version, you’ll encode your pictures; you’ll conjointly encode a restricted range of text messages too. Vault assists you with dominant your security, keeping your photos, recordings, SMS, and contacts personal, and concealing them from prying eyes. It permits users to form “private contacts”, whose messages and decision logs are going to be hidden from the phone screen. Vault conjointly hides all incoming messages, alerts, and texts from those contacts. All files are kept in a very safe place and might solely be viewed in Vault once a numeric passcode is entered. The apps that you simply select are going to be protected with a secret. Premium users will choose an infinite range of apps to lock. You can also take the snap of the one that was attempting to open the personal folders. Once the concealment mode is activated, the icon can disappear and might be opened once more by getting into your secret via the phone dial pad.

4. Shady Contacts – Hide Your Important Text Message

Hide Text Messages on Android

Hide Text Messages on Android

Shady Contacts could be the best android app to hide text messages which will hide SMS and decision logs. First, you may have to be compelled to install the Shady Contact app, and once the installation is complete, it’ll raise you to line the unlock pattern and once you record your pattern with success, you may get the dashboard wherever calls logs, contact numbers, SMS text is hidden from there. Hide Text messages, Contacts, Videos, Recordings, Pictures and decision logs off from stock apps.

5. Go SMS Pro

Hide Text Messages on Android

GO SMS Pro is one amongst the foremost wide used electronic messaging apps accessible within the Play Store. Over one hundred million downloads associated an arsenal of personalization choices. With the newest 7.0 version, it’s taken customization to an entirely new level and utterly modified its interface giving users a reinvigorated feel of the app. Apart from all the color and glitter, GO SMS Pro is additionally a good message hider. This app conjointly prompts you to line up a PIN-based lock for your non-public box. You’ll then add contacts to the present non-public box and every one future conversation with these contacts can seem here separated from all alternative messages. You’ll conjointly hide the non-public box icon from inside the app, therefore, nobody finds out you’re making an attempt to cover one thing. GO SMS Pro is a wonderful app to hide your privacy.


There are many reasons why a person wants to hide his text messages, pics, videos etc. these messages could contain sensitive information related to bank transactions, private pictures and work related information which a person does not wants to share with anyone.

So above are the Top 5 Best Android apps to Hide Text Messages on Android with the help of which you can hide text messages, pictures and other information so that it is not accessible by any other person and your data remains safe.

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