Top 9 Best iOS Emulators For Windows PC / Laptop

Best iOS Emulator For Windows PC : An emulator is a hardware or software that enables a system – host – to behave like another computer system – guest. It typically enables the host system to run software designed for the guest system. In other words, emulators are basic virtual machines that support applications of a system that run in different non-compatible machines.

Now, This article is going to be about the best iOS emulators for Windows PC system. But what do you need an iOS emulator for Windows? We all know that the Apple App store hosts a humongous range of iOS applications and games. Many of us would love to play the games and try on the apps available for iPhone but can’t enjoy them due to the unavailability of one (owing to its huge price). These apps are designed only to run on iPhone or iPad supported exclusively by iOS. I guess you’ve caught my point now. Yes, with an iOS emulator you can use Apple apps in your system! Now that you know the use of an emulator, let dig deeper into the topic – the best emulators of 2017!

Advantages Of Opting For iOS Emulators

iOS emulators have its own set of advantages:

  • Easy installation.
  • It is free to use.
  • Easy to use.

Top 9 Best iOS Emulator For Windows PC (Windows 7, 8, 10)


iOS emulator for Windows

iOS emulator for Windows PC

What pops into your mind when you hear me mention “free and popular iOS emulator for Windows PC“? iPadian, of course!. iPadian has got a really sleek interface and looks the best. It has the capability to bring in multiple features of Apple’s latest iOS on to Windows’ platform. This emulator has amazing capabilities that let you get a touch of and the feel of the latest iOS along with its amazing features. This emulator is very user- friendly and has many advanced features which are highly customizable. Several features are tightly yet neatly packed into iPAdian. It is ideal and a must-have for the majority of the population of users who wish to have the most resemblance to an iPhone. Once you’ve installed it, you can search any iOS app or game and click on the install button to install the app on your system.

2. MobiOne Studio

iOS emulator for Windows

iOS emulator for Windows System

MobiOne Studio is a simple-to-install iOS emulator for Windows systems. This is ideal to build cross platform apps for iOS and it can perform the following tasks:

  • Produce Status Notifications on Desktop
  • Configure Apps to run on iPhone or iPad
  • Share App and App links through email
  • Automatically download App installation file on PC

This is probably one of the best emulators for windows in this post that can help you run all iOS games and applications for free on any Windows PC. It is also used for developing cross platform apps between iOS and android platforms. This application is more synonymous with a developing platform rather than simple iOS emulators.

3. iPhone simulator

iOS emulator for Windows

iOS emulator for Windows

iPhone simulator is my personal favourite iOS emulator for Windows as it is unique and one-of-a-kind which not only lets you emulate the apps but also bestows you with the interface of an actual iPhone. So, this comes in handy to try out even the default set of applications which are otherwise difficult to find on the store. Also, this emulator has great graphics which is mind-blowing. You can test the iPhone features such as the clock, calculator or even the list of setting preferences. In addition to all the above facilities you may test apps which are on the first stage of development and track that specific app and the major concerns related to it..

4. iPad simulator

iOS emulator for Windows

iOS emulator for Windows PC

iPad simulator is an iOS emulator for Windows PC that works as a Google Chrome extension which can be accessed on Google chrome from Cloud OS. This simulator allows the user to experience voice assistants like Siri without having to purchase an actual iPad. The above functions can be done by many emulators. So what makes this one stand out? You can create your own app in seconds, launch it, and connect to your favorite web services in a matter of minutes. Similar to the iPhone Simulator, this one helps you get iPad interface on your computer or laptop. You can also use iMessage to communicate with your friends who use iPad.(Check Out : How To Use iMessage on PC?) While using iMessage, you will also get notifications and alerts of incoming messages on the Chrome extension. You can use Siri, access the cloud, multi-task and much much more!


Best iOS emulator for Windows

Best iOS emulator for Windows PC is an online iOS emulator for windows that helps you to run both iOS and Android apps all at the same time. This one is hence considered by a plenty as a two-in-one solution to all your emulating needs. With this emulator, you can develop iOS and Android apps on your cloud storage service itself. The result is that you will have a wide variety of apps available at your disposal and also, it is a great tool for testing apps as a developer to test any app.

6. AIR iPhone

Air iPhone Emulator For Windows

Air iPhone Emulator For Windows

AIR iPhone is an emulator that builds a virtual iPhone on Windows PC in order to let you get a feel of the real screen. This is a free iOS emulator for Windows PC which is supported by Adobe AIR framework. As you boot this emulator, it opens up to its user interface which, of course, looks like that of an iPhone. It replicates the graphical interface of iPhone better than any other emulator. You can access apps like Weather, Settings, Mail, Music, Web etc. Even the dock apps are available for emulation in this emulator.

7. Smartface

iOS emulator for Windows PC

Best iOS emulator for Windows PC

Smartface is an iPhone emulator that not only helps you to run iOS apps & games on Windows PC but also aides with testing the iOS apps. It provides debugging options so you can scan and debug the iOS apps easily. Therefore, it is said to be both an iPhone app emulator and tester. Hence, this one is better associated with mobility management platform to reduce the cost and increase productivity. Developers should watch out for this emulator as it helps one achieve multiple results at the same place.

8. Xamarin Testflight

iOS emulator for Windows PC

iOS emulator for Windows PC

Xamarin Testflight is a very useful emulator with a highly user-friendly interface and very advanced support system. But this is paid. You need to pay $25 per month to use this top iOS emulator for Windows PC. It is compatible with Windows, iPhone, iPad, Mac devices. The major disadvantage of this emulator is its limited access to Apple app store and completely no access to default apps.


iOS emulator for Windows PC

iOS emulator for Windows PC (No Download) is a wonderful iOS emulator which helps you run iOS apps with extreme ease. If you’re looking for advanced functions such as app previews, training, customer support, testing and demos, etc., then this is the emulator for you. This emulator doesn’t need to be downloaded. It can be accessed directly online. All that you have to do is to upload .apk or .appi bundles on it and run. Also, this iOS emulator for Windows PC can stream mobile apps from the cloud to almost any device. The simulator itself requires no custom code. So, you just have to upload, stream and start using the app.

Hope You had got the best answer about which are the best iOS emulator for windows PC !

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