Best 50 Free PowerPoint Templates for Lucrative Powerpoint Presentation

Best 50 Free PowerPoint Templates for Lucrative Powerpoint Presentation: Is loads of information unprocessed, stacked right in front of you? Are you heading towards a business oriented day? Does your promotion depend on how well your presentation goes tomorrow? Have you got much to think about? PowerPoint, as we all know is the best step to simplify and break down the information that you have in hand for a better understanding and a better layout for your innovative ideas. PowerPoint is used in almost every important meeting, especially board meetings to convey the message and state the facts and statistics in an out rightly simple way. To assist you in preparing an amazing presentation, PowerPoint templates have come into the picture. PowerPoint templates make the layout and design of every single slide more professional and hence, increase the chances of the audience liking your presentation. Following is a list of the top 50 free PowerPoint templates in order to give a lucrative presentation.

50 Best Free PowerPoint Templates for Lucrative PowerPoint Presentations

1> Eureka Presentation Template

Free PowerPoint Templates Download

Free PowerPoint Templates

Eureka powerpoint presentation template tops the list owing to its mind blowing aspects. It has won the hearts of a lot of happy users. It consists of over 200 slide designs and it has a great collection of data charts and graphic elements. It also gives you a lot of animation options and provides for fast customization. The overall layout and design is neat and professional.

2> Marketofy – The super duper presentation template

PowerPoint Templates Download

PowerPoint Templates

Marketofy, as its name suggests purely deals with business presentations and it can easily grab the attention of fellow businessmen in the audience, thereby making a way for your idea to succeed. When you want to present your innovative new idea for a new venture probably, or for any business plan, this is the right template for you. It includes a great package of infographics, animations, data charts etc.

3> Ever Presentation Template

Business PowerPoint Presentation Template

Business PowerPoint Presentation Template

This highlights the feature of multipurpose slides. This Powerpoint Template can be used for a lot of things. It could either be a business presentation, itself or could also be for your own personal use. It has a variety of icons and multi color options too. Data can also be presented in an eye catching manner, using a lot of data slide options such as charts, infographics, diagrams, maps etc.

4> Influencer presentation template

Powerpoint Templates

If it’s the first time you’re presenting in front of a professional business crowd, go for this template. It contains a lot of influential tools, as the title suggests which will totally convince the crowd to accept your ideas. It again, has over 200 exclusive slide designs and layouts.

5> Somalia business template

powerpoint templates for business

This template clearly exhibits what elegance is. It gives a classy, neat and a complete look to your presentation. It denotes organization skills. It consists of more than a hundred unique slides and also has a collection of marvelous data charts, infographics, maps etc to support your data. It also includes animation. It is the one of the best powerpoint templates for business.

6> Startup X PowerPoint template

Powerpoint Templates

If something brilliant is bothering your mind since days and you never got the right medium to put forward your points, then you don’t have to wait anymore! Startup X PowerPoint template provides you the best layout and design to present your new business ideas and support them with apt data charts and statistics.

7> Digit- One stop business PPT template

Powerpoint Templates

Being ranked as one of the best PowerPoint templates of 2016, it has a huge collection of designs, layouts and graphics to choose from. The subject that you’ve chosen cannot be delivered in a better manner. One-stop access is also provided.

8> The data deck PPT template

Powerpoint Templates

The Data Deck PowerPoint template, as sophisticated as it sounds is made just for your presentation to impress the audience on the first very go. It does not contain complex graphics and designs. However, it gives a simply neat look which adds on to your professionalism points. It consists of about 12 muted color schemes, bold typography and over 30 infographic data charts etc. Customization is also a simple task here.

9> Lights décor PPT template

Powerpoint Templates

This template is classy and neat in its appearance and is also elegant. You can showcase your skills and ideas through your presentation with the help of the tools provided by this very template. It is a quick process to create presentations using this template, without putting in a lot of effort.

10> Clean creative PPT template

Powerpoint Templates

This PowerPoint template recently came into existence, in the year 2016. This template decorates your content and beautifies it. It is simple and classy. The layouts tend to balance all the elements present in the page, such as pictures, spacing and graphics.

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11> Prism PPT template

Powerpoint Templates

Prism PowerPoint template has been rated as one of the best ones of the year 2016. Consisting of more than 200 exclusive slide designs and layouts and customizable graphics, charts and maps, it is on the top of the lists of a lot of buyers.

12> Worldwide Business Presentation template

Powerpoint Templates

This PowerPoint template is used for report projections and analyses, market ideas, innovations and also projects. It gives a professional look and this template has also won a lot of picks throughout the world. So, don’t think twice. Go for this template if you have a majority of statistics in your presentation.

13> Stairs diagram PPT template

Powerpoint Templates

This PowerPoint template consists of three slides and is also supported by a set of multi step progression diagrams. They can be easily customized according to your preferences and requirements. Your presentation can be easily decorated with tinges of elegance.

14> Labyrinth PPT template

Powerpoint Templates

Labyrinth PowerPoint template is good if you need to include both your business strategy and the steps required to achieve them. This template is definitely your way to success. This template can be used if you want your content to be accompanied with the pros, cons, challenges, problem solving techniques etc.

15> Zero business PPT template

Powerpoint Templates

Zero, as the title suggests means that there would be zero obstacles in the way of your presentation. A lot of visual cues could be used, in this template to support your content. The layouts present in this template are unique in their own sense and over 200 slides are present along with manually made infographics, data charts, tables etc.

16> Minalo PPT template

Powerpoint Templates

This PowerPoint template is quite versatile in nature and it is also equally neat and professional. It is a set of over 100 exclusive slides and about 2500 and more vector icons. There is also a mix of data tools and illustration tools and some unique options. There are a lot of layouts like pyramid layout, data presentation charts etc. Graphics are entirely customizable. There are about 20 color schemes with a variety of backgrounds to choose from. Animations and transitions are also present.

17> Golden coins template

Powerpoint Templates

The main motive of every business is profit and the main aid to profits is finance. This template is apt for finance related presentations and it has the perfect layout for the same. Maybe your financial idea is so good that money flows its way to you!!

18> Xtrim Bro multipurpose template

Powerpoint Templates

This PowerPoint template is suitable for business proposals, sales proposals, reporting etc. Your content can be put down in a very clean and organized form accompanied by adequate photos and graphic options. It consists of a minimum of 100 different slides. Fresh infographics are also a part of this package. Layers are easily customizable. And every individual element can be edited accordingly.

19> Stampede multipurpose template

Powerpoint Templates

This PowerPoint templates has multiple purposes and the package is one of the most powerful packages of all times. You can carry out a wide range of content delivery using this template set. It can be used for marketing, social media, business proposals, implementation methodologies, etc. The infographics are manually made and there are over 700 slides present in the package. Data and statistic tools such as charts, diagrams, maps etc are also attached.

20> Timeline PPT template

Powerpoint Templates

This PowerPoint template can be exclusively used for the purpose of presenting short term and long term plans as it contains three variations of a four stage timeline. A plethora of shapes are also available using which you can make your concept simpler to understand in these Powerpoint Templates. This can used to describe the present, past and the future scenario.

21> Real estate PPT template

Real Estate Powerpoint Templates | Free Powerpoint Templates

Real Estate Powerpoint Templates

This is a very simple template that can be used to real estate projects or land and home related projects. There is a good combination of graphics and red accents to support your information.This is one of the free Real Estate Powerpoint Templates  .

22> Investment PPT template

Investment Powerpoint Templates

Investment Powerpoint Templates

This PowerPoint template can be used if your presentation relates to an investment idea or a new procedure or the present conditions of investment returns and benefits. This template tends to attract the audience visually using images and data tools.This is one of the Best Powerpoint Template from Investment Powerpoint Templates .

23> Rising Trend PPT template

Free Powerpoint Templates

This PowerPoint template is solely known for the purpose of boosting your confidence when presenting your project which you worked very hard for. Preparing a presentation using this template is as easy. It consists of data aids like charts, pie charts, bar graphs, icons etc.This is a best (ppt)powerpoint template for education from the list of all powerpoint templates.

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24> Nature based PPT template

Nature based PPT template

This template is another multi-purpose template which tends to be quite colorful in its look and design. If you are heading to present something about landscapes, this would be the perfect choice as it’s very attractive and luring to the eyes. It can also be used for video game launches because it attracts kids effectively due to the presence of cartoonish characteristics.

25> Shuttle PPT template

Powerpoint Templates For Education

Shuttle, as the name suggests mainly deals with science related presentations. Professors and research officials would love to make use of this template. If you’re an intern in that field, grab your chance to success!

26> Kaspian- modern PPT template

Latest Powerpoint Templates

When your content runs to multiple sheets and is quite lengthy, you might feel stressful and tired in the process of preparing a PowerPoint presentation. However, Kaspian PowerPoint template, using its quick customization options can make your huge task, a cup of tea. It also has a wide range of infographics, master slides, time savers etc. The designs and layouts are quite neat and beautiful.

27> Unicorn PPT template

Startups Powerpoint Templates

This start up PowerPoint template has only recently been launched. Unicorn is quite famous and has the best design collection of all times. It consists of a great combination of color palette and other data tools. Using this template, you can put forward all the present market conditions including the market scenario nationally, internationally, problems and their solutions.

28> Concept creative PPT template

Creative Powerpoint Templates

As the title suggests, this template assists you in bringing out your creative capabilities through your presentation. This can be perfect for architectural projects. There is a plethora of exclusive slides and color options. It can be used in any of your business presentations.This template has ranked top in crative powerpoint templates.

29> Mercurio presentation template

Powerpoint Templates

This template has about 100 different slides and various color theme options along with it. The other tools that are present include timelines, pricing tables, data charts, infographics, maps etc. They are all customizable according to your own wish. When you want to present facts and stats, go for this.

30> Verzus presentation template

Best Powerpoint Templates

Verzus is one of the finest themes made in 2016. It has a set of clean and multipurpose slides and designs. There are about 200 slides present along with image and text layouts, data tools, graphics and charts.

31> Business technology circuit board design template

free powerpoint templates for business

This could be mainly used for digital technology related presentations. If you’re up to launching a new software or a new video game, this is your perfect template. It is from the list of free powerpoint templates for business.

32> Pitch PPT template

Powerpoint Templates

When you really want to win the votes of your audience and seek your way through, Pitch template is definitely the one for you, owing to its persuasive capacity. You can put forth your presentation with clarity, as it has a package of about 120 flexible slide layouts and designs. There are a lot of innovative infographics which are customizable. Animation transitions and effects are also present. This template has been beautifully thought of and framed.

33> Mazano multipurpose template

Powerpoint Templates

This template is very colorful in its appearance and design. As a result, it has become quite popular. The slide designs have been made in such a manner where they would automatically balance the content in terms of shapes, pictures, infographics, text etc. This Powerpoint templates would surely boost your confidence and make way for success.

34> Modern – trendy PPT template

Powerpoint Templates

Modern PowerPoint template recently came into the picture. It has been designed accurately keeping in mind a lot of things. It has a balanced look overall and consists of exclusive layouts. It has a lot of lively and beautiful shapes, icons, inforgraphics and customization for everything.

35> Thanksgiving PPT template

Powerpoint Templates

Sometimes, business is not all you have to present about. You might want to thank your fellow employees or thank your boss for an increment or promotion. Thanksgiving template consists of beautifully lined up slides for the sole purpose of delivering your warm hearted wishes to people around.

36> The Unlimited- PPT template

Powerpoint Templates

The Unlimited template consists of unlimited designs and layouts which tend to be quite impressive. They are also quite creative and there are about 350 and more slides that have designed by putting in a lot of thinking. It is accompanied by a lot of attractive graphics, icons and manually made infographics. This would ultimately help you deliver your presentation with a lot of confidence.

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37> A business- PPT template

Powerpoint Templates

A business PowerPoint template majorly focuses on making your presentation huge! It has designs that are exclusive to only this particular template. It has layouts that cannot be simply matched by any other template. Along with this, come features like data charts, illustrations, infographics etc.

38> Flat infographic PPT template

Powerpoint Templates

This theme can be used for many purposes. It does not stick to a sole purpose. You can make a lot of presentations under business category like finance, sales, tax, sensex, social media, competition etc. It is a collection of about 75 unique slides and designs with color options. You can also edit and customize elements according to your desire.

39> Awesome business PPT template

Powerpoint Templates

This PowerPoint template consists of about 2000 slides in total and they are all quite neat and classy. It is yet again accompanied by a stunning range of color themes. The fonts and icons also tend to be quite attractive. All the elements are customizable and animation transitions are also present.

40> Swift minimal PPT template

Powerpoint Templates

This PowerPoint templates consists of over 200 slides exclusively and the main feature that can be highlighted is the HD layout. It works with all versions of PowerPoint and it is perfect for presentations requiring a huge volume of information.

41> Good pitch PPT template

Powerpoint Templates

This template is completely customizable as per your wish and it also consists of a good collection of slide options. You could use it for many purposes like company profiles, marketing, project presentations etc. It comes with icons, data tools, font options, shapes and styles. The color scheme that is available in this template is also pretty impressive.

42> Medical PPT template

Powerpoint Templates For Doctor

This template could be used for medicine related presentations where various segments are required in the presentation. It clearly helps you in your presentation and the clarity of the same. It is assisted by a lot of attractive infographics for better understanding of the concept.

43> Proposal PPT template

Powerpoint Templates

This PowerPoint template comes with massive amount of slides, more than 90000! Can you imagine? It has features like unlimited colors, exclusive layouts, designs, HD resolution, data tools, maps, charts etc. It is a package which can be used for any presentation without any specification whatsoever.

44> Wengi multipurpose template

Powerpoint Templates

This template has delightful features like changeable colors, customizable text and photos, data tools, charts, maps and other elements. PNG images can also be included in the slides and this would go great with animation related or video game related presentations.

45> First – PPT template

Powerpoint Templates

The content and images used in this template can be easily edited and customized according to your desire. It has a clean and classy appearance and design. Moreover, the color palette in this is also quite impressive. It consists of many transitions and effects along with data tools and infographic elements.

46> Zotax minimal PPT template

Powerpoint Templates

This PowerPoint template contains a lavish range of 100+ unique slide designs and layouts. It consists of 7 different uncommon and marvelous themes. The content can be customized as per your wish. The style is pretty neat and clean in its sense. Its animation and transition features are something worth mentioning.

47> Niki multipurpose template

Powerpoint Templates

In this template, the designs can be used for multiple purposes and they are all modern, neat and clean. So, you can use it for any presentation. Drag and drop image feature is available. The slide designs are quite professional. It has all been made carefully with a lot of scrutiny, to the point. Text styles are predefined and charts, maps, infographics and data tools are also present.

48> Kaspa PPT template

Powerpoint Templates

This template can be used in any version of PowerPoint. It consists of more than 90 exclusive slides. The print size at the end would be A4 and it has a lot of customization options. Animation and transition effects are also possible. A lot of vector icons are also present.

49> Butterfly garden PPT template

Powerpoint Templates

This is inclined towards nature related presentations and would attract kids specifically. It has patches of flowers and butterflies in slides. And for a serious presentation, this would not be recommended. It would rather be suggested for a not-so-serious presentation.

50> Quarterly trend bar chart

Powerpoint Templates

This is basically just a visual progression of business organizations or a specific department of a business association. It could also be used to compare the performance previously and in the present time. It has a lot of tools that would help you highlight your achievements.

These are the top 50 free PowerPoint templates for your powerpoint presentation that you must not hesitate to check out. Go for it!