Best Trending Apps for Android Smartphones

Best Trending Apps for Android Smartphones

Are you looking for the best smartphone apps of 2017? After installing these apps, you find your smartphone even more interesting and best user experience. If yes then you are at the right place as in this article we will give you a detailed description of the best smartphone apps. So, let’s proceed.


Socratic is an educational app; it is more useful to the one’s who have a problem with maths. It is an app, teach you maths, science, history, economics and more.


How it works:

Take a picture of your homework problem and their artificial intelligence team figure out the problem and teach you which concepts you need to learn to solve the problem. Socratic’s team of educators are creating a high visual free content to teach every important school curriculum concepts.

 Key points:

1.It is a powerful app for capturing the problem and better than the Google. gives quick answers for your problem and teaches you exactly what you want as a tutor would.
3.You get an explanation of videos and step by step procedures for better understanding.
4.Free to use.

Download the App from play store Here: Socratic

2. App lock:


Nowadays everyone has some important emails, messages, and pics. So we have to protect those things from others by using an app lock app to lock our apps.

App Lock is a free Android application which comes with a lot of can get more options on premium version.
The app itself is easy to use and simple, that allows you to lock your apps with your protected passwords.

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Key points:

  1. An app can lock whats app, messenger, gallery, snap chat, Gmail, etc. all the apps by using a unique password.
    2. You can hide some images and personal videos, those hidden images and videos completely vanish from the gallery and visible those pictures in photo or gallery vault.
    3.You can use the app for free with or without ads.

Download the App from Play Store Here: App lock


Freely is One of the best news apps out there and you should definitely try out. Every day, millions of professionals and learners use freely on their phones to follow the best magazines, interest blogs, and other sources. It is RSS reader which means you can subscribe different websites, blogs, and news from all of them at once.The best thing about this app can bring interests into one spot.
You can easily organize all the publications, blogs, feed YouTube channels and more in one place to read and share more efficiently.We can get faster access from different sources of news that can easily keep up with important trends. Feedly is connected more than 40million feed; you can find your interested niche to you and go deep in that niche and became the expert.
It’s completely free app and easy to use once you get set up.It is definitely one of the best Android apps in recent times.

Download the App from play store here: FEEDLY


There are thousands of apps available in Android market.But a group on is one of the best and most popular apps in recent times. Using this app is very simple. You browse the app for getting coupons on goods and services you want and use those coupons in shopping to get the discounts.
This app delivers unbelievable deals for 50-90% off the best stuff to do and eat, and you can buy more than 50 cities on earth. Download the Groupon app to start saving money everything.

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Download the App from play store here: Groupon


Key features:

1. Buy and redeem group on deals directly from mobile.
2.track your purchased voucher by location and expired date.
3.Free to download and easy to use.

5.AVG antivirus app:

Antivirus app is an app free Android app to protect your phone from harmful
viruses, malware, and text messages and it keeps your personal data safe.

 App features:

  1. Scan the apps, games and all files with their dual-engine antivirus and remove harmful content.
  2. Scan the websites for harmful threats. If it is detected any suspicious URL, it will be redirected bro safe page.
  3. Monitor battery consumption and increase the backup by enabling the power saving.
  4. Kill some tasks and their processes, whose can slow down your phone.
  5. Locate your lost phone or stolen phone via Google maps.


This antivirus is free for all Android users, and it is available in 33 languages.

Download the Free Android Mobile Security


Spotify is a right app for music lovers. Listen to the right music, whenever you are. You have to access the music with Spotify.You can listen to the artist or create your own playlist of your favorite songs.We will discover new music and choose a ready-made playlist that suits your moods.

 Key features:

  1. Listen to any artist, album or playlist song you want.
  2. Download the music for offline listening.
  3. Enjoy the amazing sound experience.

Download the app from play store here: Spotify


You can get millions of books at anytime you want. It is an app for everyone whether you are book reader or magazine reader.

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Key Features

1.Choose thousands of books from kindle to read.

2.Easily shop the new release books and new York time best seller books.

3.You can also read the first chapter of the book for free to decided to buy that book.

4.Barrow e-books from the library and check out these books from your local library.You have delivered wirelessly to your Kindle app.

5.The Kindle app has the built-in dictionary for readers that allows you to look up words instantly while you are reading your books.


Download the App from Play Store Here:Kindle

We hope you find this article helpful and informative, If you have any questions regarding these apps then feel free to share your thought in the comment section below.