How To Fix DNS Probe Finished No Internet Error ?

DNS Probe Finished No Internet Error

Fix DNS Probe Finished No Internet Error

DNS probe finished no internet error is common in Google Chrome. It generally occurs when there is an issue either with the default DNS server or the firewall settings. It can be quite annoying as this error results in not letting us use the internet, which will leave our unfinished work hanging. However, it is not a problem which cannot be solved. There are some solutions that can be used to solve this error. Then, you would be able to access the internet and use your system normally like before.Following is a list of 8 methods used to find a way to solve DNS probe finished no internet error.

8 Working Methods To Fix DNS Probe Finished No Internet Error

Solution 1 : Cross check with the other available browsers

This is the simplest method to solve DNS Probe Finished No Internet Error if the problem lies with your Google Chrome or whether it’s a problem all the browsers. You just switch browsers, and use other browsers like Opera, Mozilla firefox etc to check if the internet is working just fine. If the other browsers are working fine, then you can proceed with your Google Chrome troubleshooting process. Otherwise, there is something else which is obstructing your normal system process. You could also check your firewall settings; probably it is blocking certain websites. Before you go ahead and check out further solutions below, make sure the problem is not one of the two mentioned here.

Solution 2: Change your router/modem settings or reboot it

If none of the browsers are working properly, then there could probably be some issue with the router. So, reboot your router and unplug the power cable for about 5 minutes and then plug it afterward. The router can be rebooted using router settings. You will just have to type in its default name and password. After you are logged in, move to system tools. Then, select reboot and reboot your router. It’s one of the easiest solutions for DNS Probe Finished No Internet Error.

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Solution 3: Go for command prompt

This poses as a constructive solution for the DNS probe finished no internet error. This method involves the usage of certain commands to solve DNS Probe Finished No Internet Error. Following are the steps required.

  • Go to the Window search box
  • Type cmd
  • Press the enter key and then open command prompt
  • Type netsh Winsock reset and press enter
  • Restart your system

This method is supposed to be one of the most effective methods for this particular issue. So, cross your fingers and try out this method.

Solution 4: Change your IP address

DNS Probe Finished No Internet Error

If the previous solution involving command prompt doesn’t help and the DNS Probe Finished No Internet Error still exists, then you might want to try changing your IP address. There are some good chances that the IP address is the reason of the issue. Which is why, a trial can be done changing the IP address. Below are the steps involved in changing the IP address.

  • Open the Window search box
  • Type cmd and press the enter key
  • Open command prompt and type ipconfig/release and press the enter key
  • After completing the above step, type ipconfig/renew and press the enter key.
  • Type ipconfig/flushdns. This will flush the dns that is supposed to cause the error.
  • Now press enter and restart your system.

Solution 5: Change DNS address

If the above mentioned methods aren’t very useful in solving your problem, this solution might be the one for you. It might solve the DNS probe finished no internet problem. The DNS address has to be changed, involving the steps below:

  • Right click on the network icon that is present on the taskbar.
  • Open network and sharing center and select local area connection.
  • From the window that pops up, select properties.
  • Click on Internet Protocol Version 4.
  • Open properties again and select ‘Use the following DNS server addresses’
  • In the DNS server box, type 67.222.222 and in the alternate DNS server box, type
  • Check the box “Validate settings upon exit” and then click ok.
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This method would let you choose any free DNS server that is available. You can choose any one from the given list. This method is likely to Troubleshoot DNS Probe Finished No Internet Error.

Solution 6: Clear history, cache or reinstall the browser

This solution might be effective if the DNS Probe Finished No Internet Error is present only with your Google chrome browser and the others are working just fine. This makes you clear where the problem lies; whether it’s Google chrome at fault or the others. Follow the steps given below

  • Open menu from the top right corner and open settings.
  • Choose the option ‘Show advanced settings’
  • Click on clear browsing data to clear the cache.
  • You have the option of clearing only selected data and leave the rest untouched. If the problem still persists, you can go ahead to reinstall your browser.

Solution 7: Uninstall website filtering software that has been installed in your system

Sometimes, website filtering software might have been installed in your browser so as to block certain website that might contain malware. We might end up opening such websites by mistake. This might also block non-harmful websites by mistake. So, as a solution, you can try disabling the software for some time and uninstall it. Then try opening the website. This would solve the problem that was caused due to the website filtering software.

Solution 8: Update driver software

DNS Probe Finished No Internet Error

Fix DNS Probe Finished No Internet Error

The ‘DNS Probe finished no internet’ might be gotten rid of by updating your driver software. If the driver is not updated, it might lead to this error. Follow the steps given below.

  • Press windows+r and type in devmgmt.msc
  • Now open the device manager and select network adapters
  • Click on the current network adapter that you’re working on.
  • Now select Update Driver Software
  • Click on Browse my computer for driver software and then go for the option “Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer”
  • Select your compatible network hardware and then select next.
  • The driver will now be successfully updated.
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These are the methods that would help you Fix DNS Probe Finished No Internet Error.