How To Fix ‘Driver Power State Failure’ Error ?

Fix Driver Power State Failure: Whenever we are working on a computer system there are many problems that can take place and Driver Power State Failure is one of them. Driver power state failure is a common error that is displayed in Blue Screen of Death (BSOD). BSOD is a very well known error that can make a computer of no use or useless. This error is displayed mostly due to the inappropriate or incompatible for any hardware device that a computer system may have.  When you encounter a BSOD in Windows the computer will save information regarding the error in a log file. Driver Power State Failure Error can destroy your important data and cannot allow you to enter in your system. This error comes in a blue screen.

Driver Power State Failure

Normally, this issue can be resolved by restarting your system. However this simple solution cannot always work. There are quite a few solutions to fix Driver Power State Failure Error in Windows. However, it is not necessary that any of the below-listed fixes may work for you. Because the fix for the problem is greatly dependent on what is causing the Driver Power State Failure Error in your system.

Types of Driver Power State Failure Error

  • Unable to boot windows
  • Graphics card driver problem
  • Internet connectivity problem
  • Wifi status showing connection available – not connected

Methods To Solve Fix Driver Power State Failure Error (Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10)

Method 1. – Fix Driver Power State Failure Error in Safe Mode

You can fix driver power state failure error by uninstalling the problematic device drivers in safe mode. Following are the steps:

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Step 1: Find Problematic Drivers

After every crash or Blue Screen of Death, Windows automatically creates a log file known as MiniDump file and saves the crash report in it. So, to find the exact information about the problematic driver, you have to access the minidump file. The MiniDump has the extension of .DMP which can be read using a program called BlueScreenView.

After the crash, you can locate the minidump file by going to C:\Windows\Minidump.

To view the file, download BlueScreenView utility and run it. Then, select the recent minidump file and open it from Bluescreenview to view which driver is causing the driver power state failure error . Once you find the problematic driver, uninstall it from the Device Manager.

(You can find the problematic drivers as shown in the following image.)

How To Fix ‘Driver Power State Failure’ Error

Step 2: Uninstall the problematic drivers. (Right click the hardware with problematic drivers and select Uninstall.)

Step 3: Reinstall the Drivers.

Method 2. – Upgrade the BIOS to Fix Driver Power State Failure Error

You can find the BIOS information on your system and then search for the BIOS updates and update the BIOS.

Method 3. – Fix Driver Power State Failure Error with System Restore

System Restore can resolve the issues like Driver Power State Failure Error and it helps the system users to come to that of a previous point of time. Following are the steps:

Step 1: Right click the computer and select properties.

Step 2: Select system protection, and then choose system restore in the opening dialog box.

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How To Fix ‘Driver Power State Failure’ Error

Step 3: Click next and choose the desired system restore point from the table.

Method 4. – Roll the Drivers Back to Previous Versions

Driver power state failure error can also occur when putting in new however unstable drivers. you’ll roll the problematic drivers back to the previous versions with Driver Talent, that could be a skilled service man for driver issues.

Method 5 – Place your system on high-performance mode

Step 1: to alter your Power arrange, attend Management Panel>> Hardware and Sound >> Power choices.

Step 2: underneath opt for or customize Power arrange, click on Show extra Plans.

Step 3: Click and choose High Performance from the choice. Do regulate your screen brightness if you would like.

Method 6 – Restart WLAN Autoconfig

If the error is said to the net problems, it should show association out there however it might not be connected.

If you see the error that’s association out there however not connected then you want to follow the subsequent steps:

Step 1: Within the search bar kind laptop Management and open laptop Management from the search result. It’ll open a brand new laptop Management dialogue box.

Step 2: Click and choose Services and Application at very cheap.

Step 3: Click Services and from the proper facet hunt for a service named local area network AutoConfig.

Step 4: Right-click on local area network Autoconfig and choose Restart from the choices. If you get a timeout error, attempt once more till it with success restarts.

Step 5: currently restart your laptop and see if the error driver power state failure has been resolved.

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How To Fix ‘Driver Power State Failure’ Error

If you are suffering from the error of Driver Power State Failure, you don’t need to worry just follow the above mentioned steps according to the various circumstances and enjoy using your system again.