How to Change the Username Of Facebook Page/ Profile?

How to Change the Username Of Facebook Page/ Profile? : Facebook, a small word that comprises most of the world of internet. Just another name to find the people in the online space. Most interesting, up-to-date and trending social networking platform that has been redefining the cyberspace since it’s commencement. With a host full of features and options, Facebook has been on the top.

Almost all of us have our Facebook accounts for a long time. A new thing that had come to our lives had made us too eager to join it and have fun, isn’t it? Most of us have done that to catch up with a friend… or to find a new friend or to catch up on the college and high school activities as we all agree to one fact! Facebook is cool!

But in that peak of the moment most of us just created the account and started off making friends, but now we see the username we have on Facebook is lame and disappointing. You can’t just go around and delete the account and make yourself a new one… cause of various reasons… former friends.. groups, etc. But what if you can change the username you find lame to something more interesting? Sounds good! You bet.

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So here in this article, I shall present you with easy and quick steps to change your Facebook username for your profile as well as for the page you own… Get your facebook ready! Here We Start the guide on how to change name facebook profile/page name.

Changing the username is quiet simple and easy, yet very few of us know how to do it? Following are Steps for changing your Profile username and also the steps for changing your Page username.

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Steps to Change Username of Facebook Profile

1. First of all, you are going to need a desktop or laptop, although the major Social network can be used across tons of devices, some of its settings are bore by the traditional belief of using a PC.

So open up your desktop and login to Facebook with the account whose username is to be changed… Ohh avoid fake accounts of yours :P.

2. Proceed towards your Profile settings.

How to Change the Username of Facebook Page/ Profile?

3. In the General Account Settings tab, Click on Edit button on the right side of the username panel.

You will have something like this on your screen:

How to Change the Username of Facebook Page/ Profile?

4. Enter the desired username for your profile and Click on Save.

As simple as that is the process to change the Username of your Facebook Profile to make it cool and popular.

So similar to the above step for changing facebook Profile username.

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Following are the step to help you change the username of your Facebook Page:

Steps to Change the Username Of Facebook Page

1. Using the same beginning as above. Login to your Facebook Account that is owning the Page from your desktop or laptop.

2. Navigate to your “Facebook Page” from the left-hand sidebar or via Graph Search or your Profile irrespective of the step you have to reach the home of your Facebook Page.

3. Click on “About” on the left side menu to navigate towards the information of the page.

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4. In Page Info section, go to the Username panel. On mouse over you will find the “Edit” button on the right of the panel. Click on it.

How to Change the Username of Facebook Page/ Profile?

5. Choose a username for your page. If your name is available and no another page is using that name, you can use it by clicking Create Username.

Steps to Claim Facebook Username

Also, there’s this thing to note… You can also claim for the username that you wish to have but is already taken by someone else. This feature is popularly known as “Username Claim”. Facebook added this feature quiet later to eradicate old pages that are not in use anymore and allow people to use that Username.

By this method, you can claim a facebook page username if it is already taken by someone.

When your username is already taken, you will get a button to claim username. And on clicking that button following form appears to the


How to Change the Username of Facebook Page/ Profile?

So you can fill this form and claim your desired facebook page Username.

As towards the end, I will like to mention that Username is the key identity of yours online. Choose and use the proper and specific username to make your identity quiet clear. Also, I will like to add if possible use same username or handle on all the social networks that helps in enhancing your claim on the profile.These are the steps to change Username of Facebook Page/ Profile .

Have a great day. Be choosy. Be wise!