How to Create Animated GIF from YouTube Videos? (Quick Guide)

How to Create Animated GIF from YouTube Videos (Quick Guide)

While watching online videos, it happens that you would like to capture some of your favorite moments.

What is an animated GIF?

An animated GIF is a file format which allows you to use a series of separated frames and put them together as an animation. Animated GIF is a digital image in the Graphics Interchange Format (GIF). GIF standard restricts an image to use an 8-bit palette; the color palette has only 256 colors. Because of this, GIF images take up less memory space than images in other formats.

In this social media era, GIFs are vital for digital marketing. The marketers can use a GIF image for the following purposes.

  • to show their brand personality
  • to show off a product
  • to explain a process or a how-to
  • to thank their customers
  • to create a tiny presentation
  • to tell their story
  • to play an ad
  • to animate
  • to offer a sneak peek
  • to highlight your company culture

Animated GIFs are found in every social media post, Google Ads, etc. It is high time you learn how to create an animated GIF image.

A Step-by-step Guide to Convert YouTube Video to GIF

There are various websites available online that can convert video into GIF format in no time. I am here to demonstrate the process that happens in a site “

Step 1: Click on the official link

Step 2: Copy the You Tube URL that you want to convert to GIF and paste it in the box specified and then click Create button.

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Step 3: Now the Editing Board appears. Make the required changes using Add Caption, Add a sticker, Crop, and the necessary modifications. Now, choose the length of the video you want to convert. Keep in mind that an animated GIF should be short and precise. Finally, click the Create GIF button.

Step 4: provides you the option to share your GIF image on various social media like Custom site, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, Vine, Dribble, and others. Close the popup once you select the required social media. You can also skip this step by clicking “No thanks.”

Create Animated GIF from YouTube Videos

Step 5: In the next screen, your animated GIF file is ready along with the sharing links like Optimized Link, Direct Link, and Embedded Code. As per your requirement, you can copy and paste the code into your site or any social media. If you want a copy of your GIF image, you can download it using the Download GIF button and your image will be downloaded.

Create Animated GIF from YouTube Videos

Here is a copy of the converted GIF image.

Create Animated GIF from YouTube Videos

No Time Conversion Process

Don’t want to futz with downloading third party apps or surf for an appropriate website? Well, I have a solution which is handy and takes no time.Just remember this simple trick of adding a “GIF” to the beginning of the URL. Confused? Don’t worry. I will illustrate you with an example.

If you want to convert the video in the URL to a GIF image, just type GIF in the beginning. Edit the URL into and now hit Enter. Hurrah! Your GIF image is ready.

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Other Online Tools for Conversion

Here is a list of some of the best tools that aid in YouTube Video to Animated GIF conversion. It may seem like a difficult task at first but believe me; it is much easier than you think! Some tools include Imgur Video To Gif, Gifff.Fr, Make A Gif, Gifbook, Gyfcat, Imgflip, Gifmaker.Me, Face Garage, Gifsoup, Online Convert, Cloud Convert, Zamzar, Free File Converter, You Convert It, etc.

Methode 2 : Top Notch Offline Software

Tired of using a different website each time for conversion? I provide you a list of software that helps you in the conversion process. Online tools require proper Internet connection and multi-tasking may slow down the conversion process. An offline GIF maker may be a better option than the online GIF maker. Typical offline GIF makers include Wondershare TunesGo, AVI to GIF Converter, GIF Director, and Fast Video to GIF SWF Converter. Instead of querying the Google each time for GIF conversion, you can have your personalized software that serves you better.

Advantages of Animated GIF Image

  • Because of its small file size, it can be loaded quickly without losing its quality
  • With a transparent background rather than a varied background, GIF images would add professional look to your website
  • It conveys the message better by showing movements and emotions.

Disadvantages of Animated GIF Image

  • Since GIF images support only 256 colors, it can look pixelated or blocky sometimes.
  • Once the animated GIF file is ready, it is impossible to edit it.
  • Despite its small size, it can’t be loaded in the desired way if your Internet connection is poor.
  • GIF is a poor format for photographic images