How to Fix ”Failure Configuring Windows Updates” Issue?

How to Fix ” Failure Configuring Windows Updates ” Issue?

Failure Configuring Windows Updates occurrence and its reasons

Failure Configuring Windows Updates : Windows is the most commonly used operating system. It is very popular since it keeps updating its features and versions. Updating the operating system attracts people as it guarantees addition of new features to the device. A user should keep updating their device; otherwise the updations will just pile up. When a lot of updates are done together it generally leads to an error.

A common error faced by Microsoft Windows users is Failure Configuring Windows Updates. This error prompts on the screen and the device stops responding to any key or click. That is the computer freezes. This situation can be very tricky because the screen clearly says don’t turn off the computer.

How to Fix Failure Configuring Windows Updates Issue?

How to Fix Failure Configuring Windows Updates Issue?

There can be various reasons due to which this can happen like a huge number of updates, software mostly an antivirus interfering with the updates or presence of attached external media and many more reasons. This state can be very frustrating for a user because most of the job in today’s world is done by a computer.

Fix Failure Configuring Windows Updates Error

Method 1 : Check if it is actually stuck!

The most common solution that comes to any mind would be turning off the computer. But before doing that the user must leave the computer for at least half an hour and wait to check if the computer starts responding to your commands. This will help the user from doing anything about the issue.

If this doesn’t help and the computer is still stuck, just go further onto the trouble shooting methods.

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Method 2 :  Restart to the save the day

The second best thing to do is restart the computer. This will reboot the whole system. And when the computer is turned on a normal computer screen will appear in front of the user. The updates can be started again from where they were left. And nothing more need to be done.

One thing to be careful of is that no external media should be attached to the computer. Any hard disk, memory card, CD or DVD can cause error in updates. So any avoidable media should be removed in order to let the computer update itself. This can also solve the problem of Failure Configuring Windows Updates and start the normal functioning of the computer.

Another way of saving your device from this error is restarting the computer in safe mode. This can be done with the help of command prompt window. This will take the device into safe mode from which task manager can be opened by using the command Ctrl+ Alt+ Del.

After opening the task manager, the mission of updating computer can be selected and can be cancelled. After cancelling the updates, you can restart the computer for smooth functioning. Updates can be resumed from where it stopped and hopefully this time an error will not occur.

Deletion of cache can also help restore windows to normalcy. The services of windows should be turned off so that Windows doesn’t interrupt the deletion. Go to start and search for services.msc. In the service select Windows update. Click on stop windows update service and stop the background intelligent service. Now go to C drive where Windows is installed and go to Windows folder and select Software Distribution folder. Now empty the whole folder.

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Now start the Windows update service and background intelligent transfer service just like you stopped them.

Method 3 : Installing Operating system again

When all this does not work and the computer is still stuck or when you cannot reach the safe mode, the thing left to do is reinstalling the operating system. This method can be performed for Windows 7 and Windows Vista. Here are the steps to be followed:

  • Insert the disc of the operating system installation and reboot the device.
  • Press any key to start running the disc.
  • Configure the Language, Date, Time, Location and all other options provide by the computer.
  • Now select the option repair the computer.
  • Decide the Windows you wish to update on, in the system recovery options.
  • Now select the option of system restore and pick the date and till which the device was working properly.
  • Now select the hard disk and Finish the process.
  • After finishing just restart the computer.

This will hopefully solve all the problems. Another option is available to select any other date to recover the system on which can be reached by selecting choose a different restoring point.

Method 4: Opting for the inbuilt trouble-shooter

Windows provides an in-built trouble-shooter for its users to help in crisis like these. The trouble shooter gives you an option to fix problems with windows update. Select that option from system and security tab. The trouble shooter will look for the error and rectify it on its own. The trouble shooter also has an online version which can also be used in such situations. But if you don’t have an internet connect just then, the offline trouble-shooter works just fine.

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Another option provided by windows is automatic repair process. The system restore is the shortest way of undoing the changes but sometimes a more inclusive way for repair process is used. For windows 8 and 10 go to the start-up repair or reset the pc. Select the non-destructive way of repair and finish the process. For windows 7 just select the start-up repair process. And lastly for windows XP, go to the repair installation process.

Method 5

The last method a user can try is to uninstall the antivirus in the PC. The antivirus can be interrupting with the update of the computer and causing it to freeze. This process is tedious but can give you the results.

Just uninstall the antivirus and update the system. Reboot the system after the update is complete. When the Windows is completely loaded and functioning properly reinstall the antivirus using the antivirus disc or download.

Verdict :  Fix Failure Configuring Windows Updates Issue

Systems can cause various errors and have various reasons for it. Some reasons can be identified while others can’t be. All the user can do is avoid occurrence of an error for smooth and proper functioning of the computer. Whenever the Failure Configuring Windows Updates occurs, one can select any of the give options. And follow the steps to an error free computer. These options will solve most of the problem.