How to Increase Instagram Followers ?

How to Increase Instagram Followers ?  : Instagram the one social stop for all the photos and videos has became the most popular in this era of Digital Life. People share their images very often to stay in touch with their near and dear ones. Also to stay socially active is a key reason that people keep on using this app and stay up-to-date with latest trends and styles. Instagram is the most active photography-based social network and its number of user has crossed a limit ever since Facebook Inc. bought it.

All the readers out there, you all must be having your Instagram account so you must be looking for tips and tricks to increase your Instagram following, isn’t it? Who doesn’t love to be the popular one?So here today I will share with you 10 little tips and tricks to INCREASE INSTAGRAM FOLLOWERS.

10 Best Ways to Increase Instagram Followers

#1 Use Real Followers For Instagram:

The Real Followers for Instagram is an App that helps you increase your Instagram followers. This app works with a very simple logic for Likes, View and Followers. Which is, if you like other posts, then you will get likes too. If you view others videos, your videos views increases as well and same for Followers.

How to Increase Instagram Followers?

#2 Install Get Followers Plus

Get Followers Plus is an app is having the aim to make you the start of Instagram. It is very easy-to-use application that makes sure that you get increased Instagram Followers quickly and safely. It provides an additional feature of buying flowers and selling them on Instagram account.

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Increase Instagram Followers

#3 Like Other Photos

This is one of the easiest methods to improve your Insta-presence and reach out the followers. By liking photos of others. By doing so you will get the interest of people who have the similar photos and they shall start to follow you. In the explore page of Instagram, start liking the best pictures from the pictures on the page. Also you can search for the Hashtags similar to the photos and can repeat the same.

How to Increase Instagram Followers ?

#4 Post Regularly but NOT very often

Posting pictures is good and fun. But posting too many pictures everyday will make it boring for you as well as the followers to follow. Post regularly so that your followers stay interested in your Instagram account and your work. It’s a good idea to wait for about 12-15 hours between uploads. This is most efficient gap for an average follower to stay engaged.

#5 Engage in ShoutOuts

ShoutOut is a way to give attention to another account on your Instagram in posts or captions. This is the way, to let people come in contact with you and your account and number of your followers is increased. It is very beneficial if a famous account gives you ShoutOut. You can also exchange a shoutout favor or pay a famous account to do so.

#6 Manage Your Account

When someone visits your profile, the first impression is the profile information. You need to make sure that; the person who ever visited your profile should not leave without hitting the Follow button. Here are some guidelines to make your profile information attractive:

  • Set a Profile Picture related to your account
  • Write a Bio that exactly describes you and your posts
  • Make sure you have a theme for all your posts
  • Do not post personal photo that is out of the theme on a public account
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#7 Post at Proper Timing

No one would like to let your post go unnoticed by the followers. For which you need to take care of the proper timing. Therefore, it is recommended that you post your photos on Instagram at the time there is the highest number of Instagram users active at that time. This will help you get increased number of likes, comments and followers.

According to the expert researches, the most ideal time to post on Insta is 5PM to 6.30PM

#8 Use Relevant Hashtags

When posting a picture on instagram, you are able to write your own captions and you can insert hashtags in the caption to link the keywords to your pictures. Thus, it becomes easy job for the users to find the images related to any particular keywords. Using relevant hashtags will increase Instagram followers by a significant number.

How to Increase Instagram Followers?

#9 Use TagsForLike

TagsForLikes is most popular app which you can use to pump up your picture likes. This app monitors the entire top like and follows hashtags and gives you an updated list daily. You can copy about 20 popular hashtags together and post them directly as the caption of your Instagram post.

How to Increase Instagram Followers?

#10 Geotag Your Photos

Instagram allows you to add location to your image where it was clicked. A Geotag is adding a specific location to your picture which enables the people to see your picture in search results whenever they search for that place.It also adds a personal touch to your photos and marks your presence. Therefore, it is highly recommended to geotag your photos on Instagram.

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Concluding the article I hope that you shall be able to apply these tricks and tips to increase instagram followers , views and likes on instagram. Go on get to it and become Popular.