How to Run Android Apps on Windows / MAC PC-Laptop?

How To Run Android Apps on Windows 7, 8, 10?

Run Android Apps on Windows : Not so long ago in the race of the leading operating system Android went a step ahead of Windows. This happened because to the attractive features provided by android and its flexibility. Android can be used in many devices from phones to cars and televisions. Android is very user friendly and can easily synchronize with other devices. Because of its popularity in today’s world applications are developed to work on android. Google play store has a variety of apps which are not available to the Windows users. Apps like Snapchat, Clash of clans, Dubsmash are available on android but not on windows. These applications are also better because they are compact and better coded.

But all of the computers we have are Windows operated because of its own features. But in today’s era nobody wants to compromise. That id they want the best of both the worlds. So here are some ways to Run Android Apps on Windows /Mac operating system.Here we had shared 5 working methods to Run Android Apps on Windows / MAC PC-Laptop .

5 Ways To Run Android Apps on Windows/MAC PC-Laptop?

Method I: The Remix OS App Player

This is the best solution developed till date which caters to Run Android Apps on Windows. Remix OS is full-grown operating system which is based on Android OS. It is a developing project where they first came up with a fully fledged operating system. And now they have launched an app player. This lets you use any non Google app as well as any android app.

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Run Android Apps on Windows

It is really amazing to be able to use the mobile-only apps and still play the old-time-favourite solitaire. This operating system is a proper blend of mobile and desktop. However it is complicated to install and you have to dual-boot your system. The user needs to disable “secure boot” and choose Remix from boot menu. But the bright part is the stability and fun.

Run Android Apps on Windows

How to Install the Remix App Player ?

  • Download the Remix app player.
  • Extract the package.
  • Install Intel HAXM.
  • Open the extracted file and run it.
  • At but not the least finish the set up.

Method II: Use BlueStacks Android Emulator. (Windows & MAC)

BlueStacks Android Emulator is one preferred choose of many Windows and MAC users. It is simple and smooth. BlueStacks lets the user run multiple android apps at the same time. The apps are available for free download and has key mapping to make the experience of the user even better.

Run Android Apps on Windows

To use BlueStacks all you have to do is download and install the emulator and you are good to go. Enjoy and Run Android Apps on Windows .

Method III: For Chromebook users

For all the chromebook users just update the software to the latest version. The latest version comes with inbuilt option to use android apps.

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Method IV: Run Apps in Google Chrome Browser

The easiest and quickest way to use android apps is to install the plug-in present in Google chrome. This will help you use an Android-based converter to enable a downloaded app to be run within the browser.

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Run Android Apps on Windows

While debatably this is the least successful method to run Android apps on Windows, Mac OS X, and other devices, it is certainly the most easy to get to and can give you an idea of just what is possible.

Method V: The APK

Google has taken a huge step by developing a limited time app run for Google chrome. And is expanding this project by letting it work on any operating system. It is an early developers design but now anyone can download the APK of an existing Android app to launch on Windows, Chromebook and MAC.

All the user has to do is download the Arc welder app and obtain APKs from Google play store. Some major limitations of this method are that only one app can be loaded at one time and the user has to select the layout on which it will be run like landscape or portrait for mobile or tablet. However the user can load different apps by selecting the download ZIP option in the Arc welder and extracting it. Then the user has to enable the extension developer mode to load the folder of the extracted APK.

Almost all the Run Android Apps on Windows properly on the platform except Gmail and Chrome for Android which give errors.


Above listed methods are available if Windows users want to run Android apps on laptop having windows operating systems. All of these have their pros and cons. The user has to decide what works for them and what doesn’t. When you want the best of both the worlds, a price has to be paid. Since loading all this into the computer can cause it to slow down and freeze more often.

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