{Writing Guide}How to Write Winning College Essay?

At some point in your life, you would feel compelled to have an achievement, be it in the form of a major or minor one. For some, they can have the pleasure of obtaining an achievement through writing an award winning college essay; however, to write such essay is no easy feat since for the most part a lot of time will be needed in order to write an effective paper. As such, there are necessary skills needed by a student in order to write a winning college essay.

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In order to prepare for one to indulge his or herself in being a penman, here are five skills necessary for good writing.

  1. Choosing what genre to write.
    1. Choose a topic you are passionate in writing about, if you try and fake it, someone who will write enthusiastically about the topic will definitely have a higher grade than you do even if you are a prodigal writer yourself.
    2. Consider the deadlines of the essay as well. If you are to write only for a few days left, do not bother choosing a topic that will need weeks, or even months in order to write it. It is of the utmost importance that you be given as much time as you can in order to write your masterpiece; however, there will be moments wherein you are only given so little time to write it. In essence, use your time wisely.
  2. Develop a thesis.
    1. You must be able to develop an inquiry you want to answer with your essay.
    2. This inquiry usually consists of one or two sentences in the introduction and should be able to explain the topic at hand since this part of the paper plays a critical role on the overall flow of the essay.
    3. You must also have consideration for the audience in writing this. If for example you are writing about animal abuse, you should not write how delicious meat is.
    4. As much as possible, the thesis statement should be able to stimulate the minds of the readers. Bring about creative ideas in the essay so you already catch their attention at the very beginning of your work.
    5. The thesis statement should be able to explain the topic in a brief and concise manner and that the thesis statement should be written clearly in order to enable subsequent paragraphs to support and explain your claims.
  3. Do research.
    1. You, as the penman, should know fully well that in order to write your essay, you must have full comprehension of the topic at hand and understanding of the problem so you must have the willingness to do research should you lack the knowledge you need to address the subject matter at hand.
    2. The sources used must be based from valid ones such as academic entries from books and journals, newspaper articles, and accredited websites.
    3. In doing your research, you must take down notes or quotations which will later be used. It is also important to properly cite them for your bibliography and to avoid plagiarism.
  4. Write the essay.
    1. In writing the essay, you should take note of its following parts:
      1. Introduction.
        1. In writing the introduction, it should be simple, clear, and as much as possible, catchy.
        2. The thesis statement should be introduced here.
        3. Provoke the reader with questions in order to catch their attention.
      2. Body.
        1. This usually composes of up to three paragraphs and that the paragraph should be able to support the thesis.
        2. It must include explanations and examples to support the thesis and the examples should be written in a relatable way to the general audience.
        3. The body should proper construction and punctuation as well as words which makes it easier for audience to understand your paper, your point.
        4. Avoid using too many transitions in order for the essay to not be monotonous.
      3. Conclusion.
        1. The conclusion must have disclaimers, if necessary, in order to make sure that the audience knows and understands the writer’s point of view.
      4. The conclusion must be able to answer the thesis statement.
  5. Finalize the paper by initially proofreading.
    1. Check for any grammatical and spelling errors and make sure to correct them.
    2. See if the format of the essay correct.
      1. Check for any run-on sentences.
      2. Watch out for transition sentences and see if they were used appropriately, then revise accordingly.
    3. Check to make sure that paragraphs subsequent the thesis supports the topic.
    4. Check the paper for any form of plagiarism.

So there you have it. It is best to inculcate these skills not only for entering academic contests but for writing any essay in order to express your creativity and knowledge to its optimal capacity.

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