Identify the Hosting Company Behind Any Website with HostingPilot

Discovering what is the hosting service behind a particular website could be an interesting information for anyone who is curious about where the competitors are hosting their sites. However, it can also be useful if we are looking to migrate our services to a more powerful company and we want to check what are the hosting companies serving any website with huge traffic.


In this article, we will introduce you a free online service that will provide some insightful information about the hosting company used for a particular website. is an online free tool that internally will make a reverse DNS lookup to grab some information that will let us infer the hosting company being used for a domain name or website.

Starting from the website URL or domain name, the tool will provide information on the domain’s nameservers as well as the IP and screenshot. Having this information, it is possible to determine and discover the web hosting company behind that service. In most cases this will work right out of the box, however, there are some cases where this information could not be retrieved, for instance if a website is using a proxy like Cloudflare.

Running a simple query of any domain name or website we can find out who is hosting it. In this example we ran a query for a random website we got online,, and found out that SiteGround has been used to host that website (read more about SiteGround for WordPress hosting here).

Furthermore, the site has a compelling hosting guide with reviews of some of the top hosting companies out there. In this guide, it is possible to find recommendations for hosting services for a variety of business purposes. Starting from shared hosting plans, to dedicated plans or Managed Web Hosting services, the readers can learn more about the hosting plans offered by some of these companies, compare uptime, service level agreements or even the accepted payment methods for each company.

Each hosting plan is different and webmasters and site owners require different features to serve their websites. While a shared hosting plan could be cheaper compared to VPS or dedicated server solutions, some other website owners require cost-effective plans to serve their websites with huge amounts of traffic. Some other plans are easier to scale, for instance those that can be found in the Cloud hosting services.

With HostingPilot is easier to discover which web hosting any website uses, plus getting hosting reviews or buyers guides. However, for users who don’t want to rely on a service like this one or want to do their own research, it is possible to infer this information using the proper command line that is available either for Mac, Windows or Linux. For instance, on Mac or Linux it is possible to run a dig command in order to check the DNS information for any domain and the output will include the nameservers for that domain, using a reverse NS lookup. On Windows, we can use nslookup command instead.

If you ever wonder how to get the hosting company name of a particular domain or web site, then HostingPilot can help you to grab this information.

Ever wondered what hosting company is hosting a particular website? can be a good starting point to help you to get the hosting company name behind any particular website or domain.