How To Make(Create) Bootable PenDrive? (Windows 7/8/8.1/10)

How To Make Bootable PenDrive ?

Make Bootable Pendrive : The most popular operating system can be installed into a computer by a CD, DVD or a pendrive. Flash drives are comparatively faster in transferring data as well as installing the huge operating system. In other word, bootable pendrive are quicker than bootable CD/DVD. Creating a bootable flash drive for installing Windows operating system is the most convenient way to make a drive for installing Windows 7, 8, 10.

How To Make(Create) Bootable PenDrive? (Windows 7/8/8.1/10)

How To Make(Create) Bootable PenDrive? (Windows 7/8/8.1/10)

To make bootable USB, the USB capacity must be more than 4 GB. This article gives you a complete description of the process which lets you install Windows from image file (.iso and .img) while using a pendrive. This process requires no extra sources like another drive (CD/DVD). Only requirement is a high capacity pendrive. The process of to create bootable pendrive is actually very simple. Just follow any one of these methods for How To Make Pendrive Bootable!

When the Windows setup is downloaded from the internet it is downloaded in the .iso format. An ISO file combines all the installation files of Windows into one file which is compressed. It is like a backup or a DVD copy. If you can’t find the .iso file for Windows OS (Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10)on the internet look for it in the Microsoft store or it can also be downloaded from torrent.

How To Make Pendrive Bootable? (Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10)

Method 1: Use of Rufus tool to Create Bootable Pendrive

Rufus is a powerful and compact tool which is fast and to the point to make bootable pendrive for windows 7. It can also be used to make Linux bootable pendrive. This utility will make the drives like- USB, memory stick bootable and will configure them. The steps to create bootable drive with Rufus are:

  • Download and install the Rufus tool from the internet.
  • After starting the software plug in your USB and run the installed software.
  • If your system is UEFI then select in partition scheme and then select MBR partition scheme for BIOS or UEFI computers.
  • Now click on create bootable USB.
  • Click on next and then select NTFS. The cluster size should be 4096 bytes.
  • Select 2 passes in device for bad block and select quick format.
  • Now select your ISO file. And select create an extended label and icon files.
  • Now hit start.
    Use of Rufus tool to Create Bootable Pendrive

    Pendrive Bootable Software

This method can be a little confusing but it is swift and does the job well. If the user can follow these steps go on and read the next method.

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Method 2: Use of WinToUSB To Make Bootable USB

WinToUSB stands for Windows to USB is a remarkable Windows creator that installs and runs the operating system on an external storage. This is the easiest way to make bootable USB drive and is free of cost. The source of installation has to be a WIM/ESD/VHD/VHDX/ISO/SWM image or a CD/DVD drive. The other way to perform the installation is to copy the existing installation of Windows OS. This has to be copied to a flash drive. WinToUSB can work for almost all versions of Windows 8, 7, 8.1, 10.

Use of WinToUSB To Make Bootable USB

Use of WinToUSB To Make Bootable USB Windows 7,8,10

The interface of WinToUSB is user friendly and has an easy set of instructions on creating the Windows to go drive. It also helps create Windows installation drive. In order to create a Windows to go Workspace, it uses a free edition of all the operating systems of Windows 7. It also supports the VHD-based and VHDX-based workspace for Windows.

Method 3: Windows USB/DVD download tool to Make Bootable USB Windows 7,8,10

This is one of the best tools to create copy of Windows 7 or 8 ISO file on DVD or USB. All the user has to do is download the tool and .iso file and run the tool to make the USB bootable. This toll also helps the user to make bootable USB or DVD. All the user needs is a space that is, a drive to store the ISO file.

Windows USB/DVD download tool to Make Bootable USB Windows 7,8,10

Steps to make a USB bootable, using the Windows download tool:

  • Open the Windows USB/DVD download tool form the start menu.
  • Enter the path of the Windows ISO file in the source file. The path can also be selected by browsing the file.
  • Now, Attach the USB to the computer and select it under the USB drive option.
  • Click on begin copying option to start the process.

Method 4: UNetbootin For Creating Bootable Pendrive

UNetbootin is one of the simple to use and a neat tool which helps the user make bootable pendrive. It makes pendrive bootable for Windows as well as other operating systems like Ubuntu, Linux, etc. without the use of a CD. UNetbootin can create pendrive bootable.

UNetbootin For Creating Bootable Pendrive

UNetbootin For Creating Bootable Pendrive

To create a live USB for Linux the files should be loaded correctly because some of the distributions do not support booting from USB and some require various modifications. As an outcome many ISO files will not work the way they are. Many ISO files for other operating systems may have a different boot mechanism so they might not work with this tool.

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Method 5: RM prep USB

This is a clear graphical method to create USB bootable for Windows 7, 8, 10. This is a Windows command line utility which can be used in lot of batch files called as script files. Just type RMPartUSB in the Windows command console, and then you will be able to see its help text.

bootable pendrive

RMPartUSB is largely intended for memory sticks or USB but it also can be used on card readers and hard drives. The user can make a partition of any size they want. When it make USB bootable, it also provides a boot code. The main disadvantage of this method is that for XP/ Vista/ 7/WinPEv1 (ntldr)/ WinPEv2/ FreeDos or MS-DOS the user must copy all these files by themselves as the tool does not place any files on the flash drive by itself. The user can also set the Copy OS files in the RMPrepUSB to copy the data required.

Method 6: Universal USB Installer

Universal USB Installer is yet another wonderful Live Linux USB Creator which helps the user to choose from a huge collection of Linux Distributions to put them in the flash drive. It is a simple and user friendly pendrive bootable software. The user just has to do is select a live linux distribution and an ISO file. Then choose the USB and click on install. This is a quick and efficient method to create bootable USB drives.

pendrive bootable software

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