Snapchat Hacks: 8 Hidden Snapchat Features You Need to Know

Snapchat Hacks: 8 Hidden Snapchat Features You Need to Know

Overview of 8 Hidden Snapchat Tricks

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[efsrow_column]Save the Data Cost Using Travel Mode[/efsrow_column]
[efsrow_column]Change the Speed of Your Videos[/efsrow_column]
[efsrow_column]Start a video call or video chat[/efsrow_column]
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[efsrow_column]Draw in Black Or White[/efsrow_column]
[efsrow_column]Fit Text in the Single Line[/efsrow_column]


8 Snapchat Hacks : Snapchat has gained a lot of audience since the beginning of 2016. It has become extremely popular among the youth for its story mode, host full of filters, stickers, etc. The popular dog face gained a lot of renouncement of the snapchat contributing to its success; the company has added quite a good number of such filters to it. Also, there are few hidden tips and tricks to enhance the fun and creativity of snapchat.Here are few of the secret snapchat tips that make you use the snapchat as a #PRO!

Snapchat Hacks: 8 Hidden Snapchat Features You Need to Know

Snapchat Hacks: 8 Hidden Snapchat Features You Need to Know

8 Secret Snapchat Hacks : Hidden Snapchat Features

1. Using Two Filters Together

Want to use the puppy face filter on your face and also the monochrome? Yes, that’s possible on the show. You can use two filters simultaneously with just a simple trick.

Choose a filter to use. For the addition of a second filter to the snap. Keep you one finger on the screen to hold the previous filter and then swipe left or right to use the second filter. Simple and Easy to use hidden snapchat feature.

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2. Save the Data Cost Using Travel Mode

Being a popular and easy app, it is also an addiction to using snapchat now and then. This addictive experience may lead to a hole in the pocket. But wait… is there a way to reduce data cost while using snapchat? You bet! There is.

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A cool hidden feature of snapchat is called “Travel Mode” that reduces data usage by not loading snaps of your friends automatically. In this mode, you will have to tap on a particular story to load it, and then enjoy!

To enable this feature: Go to snapchat Settings -> Manage -> and Enable Travel Mode

hidden feature of snapchat

Hidden Snapchat Trick

3. Change the Speed of Your Videos

The most popularly used feature of snapchat is the mini-videos of snapchat, which are just amazing to use. Although there is an additional fun to it that most of the users don’t know.Snapchat has added a feature recently, to fast-forward or slow-motion the videos that you upload.

These are easy to use and works just as filters do. After recording your video, just scroll left or right like you add filters to snaps.

There are 3 icons that are represented:

    a. Snail = slow-motion

    b. Rabbit = fast-forward

    c. Backward-arrow = rewind


4. Start a video call or video chat

Snapchat has enhanced its functionality by providing support for video chat and video calls. It helps users to leave a 10-second voice or video message. Just like voice messages in Whatsapp or other apps. To leave a video message just hold down the video call icon and recording shall begin immediately. It shall be sent as soon as you leave you finger from it and there are no re-do options to it.

To use the video call function, just tap the video call icon once, and the call to the other person over snapchat is placed. If they don’t answer for a few seconds, snapchat shall ask you to leave a voice or video message for the person.

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5. Friend Emojis

Previously snapchat had a limited approach to this section under the name “Best friends”, but now it has expanded its approach and based on your snaps, snap frequency, viewers and others. Snapchat determines who is your best friend or who’s your mutual friend etc.

You can take a look or change the emojis in Settings -> Manage -> Friend Emojis


6. Add Emojis to Your Videos

Not just to those snaps you click, snapchat allows you to add emojis to the 10-second videos too. To add the emojis to your videos click on folded paper icon after recording your message and you will see a scrolling page full of emojis to choose from and add to the video.


7. Draw in Black Or White

All of us have edited and added our creativity to snapchat images, have you noticed that the colour pallette does not offer black and white colours to use.

But to fun part, these colours are available and hidden. To find these colours, to use black you’ll need to drag the color from bottom right corner of your screen and to use white you’ll have to pull colour from upper left corner of a screen.


8. Fit Text in the Single Line

Sometimes the text we need to send to someone does not fit on a single line. But snapchat, its way to easy to make them fit in a single line by reducing the size of text.

To resize the text, tap the “T” icon on top of your screen than tap the text to get into texting mode, now use two fingers to pinch-zoom to resize the text to make it a single line text on your screen.

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So, go out give a try to these features and enhance your snapchat experience to connect with your friends, with new and amazing hidden snapchat tricks that you just read.