Study In Canada – Colleges, Courses, Eligibility, Cost & Visa Details

Study In Canada – Colleges, Courses, Eligibility, Cost & Visa Details

Introduction About Canada

Today in the competitive world and due to globalisation students of many developing countries are choosing to study in Canada for their bright future.Canada is a very friendly country with many high tech resources. Canada is blessed with a lot of natural resources. Canada has Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, and The Arctic Ocean. It also touches the border of United States. Likewise India, there are also four seasons in Canada: summer, autumn, winter and spring. Canada is full of natural beauty such as beautiful landscapes, mountains, hills, flora and fauna, beautiful lakes, deep forests. You can find every beauty of nature in Canada. People of different religions live in Canada. Canada is also known as Mini Punjab because most of the people of Punjab are settled in Canada. Ottawa is the capital of Canada. Ottawa is the most developed cities in the world. The currency of Canada is Canadian Dollar. The dialing code for Canada is +1. The Prime Minister of Canada is Justin Trudeau. The population of Canada is around 35.16 million people. The top cities to live in Canada are Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Quebec, Halifax, Kingston.

Study In Canada - Colleges, Courses, Eligibility, Cost & Visa Details
Study In Canada – Colleges, Courses, Eligibility, Cost & Visa Details

Life at Canada

Canada is a country where lifestyle is very reasonable and you can enjoy all the facilities of life easily and reasonably. In Canada, you can live and enjoy your life the way you want because there is no restrictions or discrimination regarding sex or religion. You may feel Canada as your second homeland while study in canada.

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Embassy Details For Study in Canada

India and Canada, both the countries share very good relationship among them. There are a lot of movement of people from Canada to India and India to Canada. The main high commission Canada embassy is located in New Delhi Punjab and it has its sub-offices in various parts of the country. You can collect and get to know about all the details about visa and immigration with Canadian Embassy India. The Canadian Embassy phone number in India is 91 (11) 4178-2000.

Canadian Visa and Immigration  (How to get Canada Visa | Study Permit)

Because of the good relation between Canada and India, it is very easy to get Visa for Canada than other parts of the country. The Visa and Immigration process for Canada is very simple, flexible and less time-consuming. There is very less population in Canada, therefore Canada welcomes people from different parts of the country without any strict laws and hence is a mixture of different religions and ethnic groups.

Study in Canada

You can apply for Study Visa when going to Canada for studying. You will also get some benefits if you will apply for Student Visa being a student. You can collect all the information and benefits regarding Study Visa of Canada with the Canadian Embassy India. Canada also provides many job opportunities. Canadian colleges and universities provide top and best placements to its students in national, international and multinational companies. Canadian degree is accepted all over the world and it implies a good impact on student’s career.

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study in Canada

Canada consists of the best and top colleges and universities. The Canadian Universities comes in the lists of top Universities. You must apply for 2 or 3 colleges or universities when going for study in Canada because if your application for one college gets rejected you have the option for another college or university. Applying for a Canadian college or university is very simple.

  • You must need to select your subject of interest.
  • Then search for the best colleges and universities in Canada.
  • Check the procedure of admission of the college or university.
  • Apply for 2 to 3 colleges or universities.
  • Complete all the documentation work.
  • Wait for the response from the college or university.
  • If you get selected, then apply for study visa.
  • Also, inform your college or university about your plan of arrival

Top Colleges or Universities to Study in Canada:

Top Universities in Canada

  • 1. The University of Toronto
  • 2. University of a British Columbia
  • 3. McGill University
  • 4. Universities of Alberta
  • 5. University of Waterloo

Top Colleges in Ontario, Canada

  • Seneca
  • Humber
  • Mohawk
  • Fanshawe*
  • Conestoga

Cost of Study in Canada

Canada is also a developed country but the cost of study in Canada is much less than other developed countries. You just need to spend 15000 to 30000 Canadian Dollar for study in Canada. You can also apply for scholarships to meet the cost of study in Canada. Various scholarships are provided by Canadian government, schools, colleges or Universities. National and International scholarships are also there. A scholarship criterion is different in every college and university. It is according to the course opted and the field of your study.

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So, if you are planning to study in Canada, do not hesitate just go for it. Study in Canada is not costly. The living is also reasonable and affordable. Canadian colleges and universities also provide many best placements and job opportunities to its students. If you have planned for study in Canada and you have been selected by the college or university you have opted for, then you must not leave that chance.

* The Author of this post is the student of Fanshawe college . If you have any query regarding study in canada then please feel free to comment or share with us.