Top 10 Tips for Buying an E-Bike

E-bikes date back to early 1890s but started gaining popularity in the 21st century as by 2007, e-bikes were thought to make up 10 or 20 percent of vehicles on the streets of Chinese cities. The US had a huge surge in e-bikes being sold during 2015/16 as the price of gas rose. The idea of an e-bike is that it allows the user to use more motor-power rather than leg power, they typically take around 8 hours to charge the battery and can often travel as far as 30 miles. E-bikes are very popular because although they are primarily used because of their motor, studies from the University of Colorado have shown that regular e-bike usage ended in great health benefits.

They’re a form of green transportation and are very sustainable. The average e-bike retails between £700 and £2,000 with many companies choosing to use them to get people to exercise. Whether you’re 11 or 81, there are so many benefits to investing in an e-bike even if it just means you’ll do more exercise than before. Students and urban commuters are the most likely people to be suited to using this e-bike but essentially, they’re for everyone. They’re extremely popular too with 35 million-unit sales for 2016 and being the highest selling electric vehicle in the world for that year.

E-bikes come in classes according to their electric motor and the system control. This includes models that are pedal-assisted (where pedalling regulates the electric motor – usually referred to as pedelecs) and powered-on-demand (where by the motor is activated by a throttle.) Some models even have both. Buying different e-bikes can be difficult especially if you’re not sure what type of thing you’re looking for or even how much you should be spending. That’s why we’re here to help and give you some tips on buying an e-bike, whether it’s your first or fifth.

10. Typically, e-bikes are cheaper (eventually – as they don’t need a lot of work doing to them or many fixes) than regular bikes. Although they retail as much as £3000 (some of them) you can often get them a lot cheaper as websites such as Hot UK Savings do deals on e-bikes all the time, as well as free 30 days or even 2 year guarantee on all of their e-bike products.

9. There are so many types of e-bikes that are for sale, you need to think about the kind of e-bike that you will like and one that will suit your needs. Gtech deals can get you personalised e-bikes at fabulous discounts. They offer sport and city versions of their e-bike as well as being able to change the colour and style of the bike itself.

8. How far are you going to travel with your e-bike? This is an essential question you must consider before purchasing your e-bike. Some e-bikes can go faster for shorter amounts of time whilst others can travel a little slower but you can, therefore, go on longer journeys. The reason for your purchase is important when looking at the style of e-bike you want.

7. Don’t let the reviews complaining about the e-bikes weight put you off investing in one. Even though 26% of respondents call it the main downside, it, therefore, means the bike is less likely to be a victim of theft. As fewer than 5 percent of e-bike owners cited fear of theft or battery charging time.

6. There are age limits and restrictions so if you’re young and looking to buy one of these go-green machines make sure you check out the age limits in your country and state. Typically, the minimum age is 14 or 16 years old whilst a few states allow 12-year olds to ride them.

5. Do you have enough electric for the charge an e-bike needs? Although they only need 8 hours to be fully charged (and can run around 30 miles with that charge) it is essential you look at your electric bills and make sure that buying and charging an e-bike without your house won’t affect the bills too much!

4. E-bikes do have a motor and yes this may make your riding easier but you will still have to pedal and do exercise so make sure you pace yourself in case you go from never exercising to loving your e-bike it may put a lot of unnecessary pressure on your calf and leg muscles.

3. Buy it from a trusted brand or site, there are so many risky websites out on the internet and a lot of them are full of empty promises. Paying for an e-bike means you want to not only receive it but also want a quality product for the price you are paying!

2. Make sure you like it! You’re spending your well-earned money on the product so you want to make sure you absolutely love it.

1. Enjoy shopping for your e-bike, the number of different models and styles you’ll see whilst having a look around the different shops (in person and on the internet) can be highly entertaining. Make the most of it whilst you can!

E-bikes can be fun and enjoyable as long as you know what you want so now that you’re finished reading our tips on buying an e-bike. Go out and get one for yourself!

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