Top 10 Best Photo Editing Softwares

Top 10 Best Photo Editing Softwares

Best Photo Editing Softwares Overview

Rank No.NamePrice
1Corel PaintShop Pro X879.99
2Adobe Photoshop Elements 1499.99
3Serif PhotoPlus X899.99
4ADCSee Pro 999.99
5Zoner Photo Studio PRO 1899.99
6CyberLink Photo Director Ultra$89.99)
7Corel PhotoImpact X329.99
8Xaro Photo & Graphic Designer 36589.99
9PhotoLightning 5.5139.99
10PhotoPad Photo Edit29.99

Folks! We all do know our photography skills! With the advent of the best photo editing softwares in the techno-market, users have been pretty creative and innovative with their photos. Experimentation, Post-Processing works, HDR Imaging, Panoramic creations, etc. have brought trending havoc in this industry.

Photo editing softwares provide an extra touch of finesse which becomes quite helpful for graphic designers, Web Designers, Digital Editors, and Professional Photographers etc. They indeed are very critical for such and image-manipulation, portfolio, photography and professional-oriented works.

Top 10 Best Photo Editing Softwares (Windows & Mac)

Top 10 Best Photo Editing Softwares (Windows & Mac)

Hence, we have encapsulated the Top 10 Best Photo Editing Softwares which are based on their specifications, compatibility, interfacing, affordability, navigation, features and customer service.

Top 10 Best Photo Editing Softwares

1. Corel PaintShop Pro X8 ($79.99)

The Top10Reviews GOLDEN award winner-Corel PaintShop X8 has all the reasons for its paramount position. It’s Excellent Design, Seamless Usability and Exceptional Features, pave the way for its humungous popularity and acclamation.

Having a systematic Photo editing software which is reinforced with an organised & User-Friendly interface, Corel PaintShop Pro X8 caters for all types of users- both amateurs and professionals.

It showcases 3 main types for redefined ease of usage- Manage, Adjust & Edit. Users can make use of 374 font styles, 88 intuitive filters, photo layering tool, HDR imaging, close-up portrait editing, and advanced photo correction features. It is hugely appreciated by its users for its excellent customer service by email, phonetic conversations and live chat. Video tutorials, FAQ’s, user forums make users doubt-free in every sense. It offers prompt, fast and friendly Help & Support service-which puts this software in a different League of softwares.


  • Ideal for beginners and professionals both
  • Excellent guidance and prompt customer service
  • Outstanding organizing, sharing, import/export options
  • Streamline workflow, fluidic interface systematic/logical assistance
  • Compatible on Windows Operating System Only

2. Adobe Photoshop Elements 14 ($99.99)

The software has bagged SILVER award from the Top10Reviews which is a techno-critic web-community. The remarkable positives of this software are- usability, feature-set and customer support.

Adobe Photoshop Elements 14 boasts one of the most extensive set of editing tools assisted with numerous sharing capabilities and packed with creative filters.

Adobe Photoshop Elements 14 has a set benchmark of standard, in the best photo editing software industry. This software which does what it should do! Editing and enhancing photos to perfection!

It possesses 3 editing modes- Quick, Edit, Guided and Expert. It provides additional specialty for its users with inbuilt guidelines for beginners for step-by-step Walkthrough.

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Adobe Photoshop Elements 14 has provided prompt and helpful customer support through various resources such as tutorials, FAQ’s, phone email or live chat, user forums, etc.


  • It is suitable for beginners and veterans-both.
  • It operates on only Windows operating system.
  • Has a Content Aware Move tool which is an exclusive feature from Adobe for advanced photo corrections using Auto-tone tool.
  • Camera-Shake Removal tool: It is for stabilizing pics.
  • It provides a variety of sharing options combined with and systematic interface & organisation.

3. Serif PhotoPlus X8 ($99.99)

The BRONZE winner Serif PhotoPlus X8 is acclaimed for its user-friendly & optimized interface, clean features and in-application support options.This specialized photo editing software comes with 422 diff. font styles, 62 creative filters, Cloning tools and advanced Batch-Processing features. It also showcases Vector-Graphic tool for photo manipulation.

Serif PhotoPlus X8 offers technical support through various formats such as logical video tutorial listings, intuitive on-the-go tabs, FAQ’s, user forums, phone or email.


  • Defringe tool: Allows removal of unwanted pixels from subject and also adds a replacement of a new layer.
  • Complex and extensive list of editing tools makes complex issues for beginners.
  • Has a of Maximum Zoom level tool and excellent compatibility which support upto 10 file types.

4. ADCSee Pro 9 ($99.99)

Fragmented into 6 operating modes- Manage, Photos, View, Develop, Edit and 365- 4. ADCSee Pro assists users with its smooth navigation and fluidic interface.

Unwanted flaws and background edits are well supported with tools such as-Cloning, Touch Up Tools Vector Graphic Tools, Haze Removal, Advanced Skin Perfecting, Automatic Editing Tools, etc. It further offers hassle-free sharing of photos instantly on Social Media platforms.The User queries and grievances are resolved by providing a strong technical support team.


  • Manage Mode allows comprehensive and logical photo accessibility
  • It boasts compatibility for upto 11 file types including RAW, JPG, TIFF, PNG, PSD and PDF formats.
  • It has a polished and sophisticated outline.
  • Lacks of panorama features which hampers its impression in the industry

5. Zoner Photo Studio PRO 18 ($99.99)

An excellent amalgamation of basic and professional editing tools  Zoner Photo Studio PRO makes it worth for its money. Simple Editing and built-in features induce picture transformations-which is quite appreciable.

It includes 500 different font styles, 24 creative filters, magnification tool (Which can zoom up to 1600 % of original size) Develop Mode for photo editing in ANY format, Record Tracking feature, HDR imaging, Slideshow creator, Panorama tool, etc.

Zoner Photo Studio PRO 18 is full-fledged and an organized photo editing softwares which offers support for 10 file types. It also allows the users to connect their digi-cam to a Zoner Photo Studio hence provides use of access in an interesting way.Easy sharing options and barrier free technical support make this software highly recommended.

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  • Lacks user forum on its website
  • It has a compatibility issue with animated GIS
  • Feature of Record tracking offers better management and batch processing saves time smartly.

6. CyberLink Photo Director Ultra 7 ($89.99)

This software boasts clean and engaging interface and straightforward labels for accurate navigation. With a vivid assortment of basic & advanced image editing tools and features, it allows users for neat organization and super-fast search for their specific images.

Its layout is also quite simpler than its other competitors. It showcases 6 main modules- Library, Adjustments, Edit, Layers, Print and Slideshow. As their names suggest-Each module performs significantly.

With an addition of 14 Blending Models and text/image filters, Users can edit & transform their pictures in a coherent manner. Users can make use of Creative filters, texture addition, shadows ad highlighting, cloning, blemishing-removal tool, other advanced corrections and adjustments, etc.

Limitations for file compatibility have cost its reputation, albeit a treasure house of photo editing tools. Nevertheless, Ease-of-Sharing and prompt Customer Support is quite appreciable.


  • Photo Director Tool helps users to create HDR panorama pictures, lens distortion correction, etc.
  • It lets its support only 5 file formats.
  • It has a ‘Find Files’ feature which searches the destination in a couple of seconds and was
  • It fledges advanced organizing capabilities

7. Corel PhotoImpact X3 ($29.99)

Corel PhotoImpact X3 is quite trickier and complex photo editing softwares which offers a plethora of editing and design features/tools at your fingertips.

Users can make use of ‘Express-Fix’ or ‘Full-Edit Mode’ which can offer automatic adjustment Support to colour exposure, focus, skin tones, portrait touch-ups, enhancements, etc.

It is blended with basic and advanced features from basic features (Zoom, crop, resize, select, etc.) to advanced ones (Cloning, HDR imaging, panoramic creation, etc.).Corel PhotoImpact X3 provides a ‘Smart Guide’- which is less interactive and technical languaged.It is further compatible with 32 file formats including the standard or the popular ones viz. GIF, JPG, PNG, etc.

Comparatively to the import options, its sharing option is less versatile. This software also has a ‘Photo Project’ wizard that assists users for creation of cards, CD’s, DVD labels, etc.

Troubleshooting Solutions include-User Forum, FAQ’s which have been posted on its official website. Corel PhotoImpact X3 also provides its live-chat, email and phone-support too.


  • Excessive technicality infuses Complex environment for beginners.
  • Lacks adequate integral help and support for advanced photo editing processes.
  • Limited sharing options
  • Exclusive tools such as Express-Fix’ or ‘Full-Edit Mode’ are quite helpful tools

8. Xaro Photo & Graphic Designer 365 ($89.99)

Intuitive image editing software which is packed with powerful graphic designing tools-Xaro Photo & Graphic Designer 365 has strengthened its position in the market over the years.

A Lil’ more complicated in its interface, this software assists users by providing Tutorials and Videos for its users. It is packed with basic and advanced tools such as red-eye removal, colour management, colour saturation, cross-process effect, etc. It also flaunts its Blend Mode which comprises of exclusive photo effects of Dodge, Burn, and Darken for advanced photo corrections and manipulations.

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With a gigantic resource of 576 fonts and 1,500 symbol-additions (through Google) it can offer flexibility and versatility to the user’s Think-Tank.’Content interface and Library’ ‘SmartShape Collection’ ‘Chart and Speech Bubbles’ etc. are some of its remarkable features. The software provides an official access to over 5, 00,000 royalty-free photos- which are searchable using keywords. Direct sharing, Printing project resources and templates are some of its virtues.

The service of 25 different filters doesn’t satisfy the users completely as lack of HDR imaging, record-tracking, distortion corrections, etc. have dampened its populous among the Techno-Savvies. However this program Support 58 file formats which include JPG, PNG, PDF, etc.


  • Supports 58 file formats
  • Supports image import from almost ANY file type
  • Batch-Processing allows same effect application for multiple images

9. PhotoLightning 5.51 ($39.99)

Assembled with automatic & preset editing options, PhotoLightning 5.51 ensures hassle free photo editing  software experience. It features batch-processing and other important tools- which cater for the demands and needs of both types of users- basic and advanced,

This software helps users to share, print, slide-creation of the edited images but restricts direct sharing to social media platforms.Customer help is not up to the mark yet technical support is provided by email and FAQ’s which are posted on its web-page. Users can also access manual which is embedded in the software itself.


  • An effective BASIC photo editor focused for beginners.
  • Lacks advanced photo-editing feature-set
  • Extremely User-friendly
  • Enable feature of batch-processing

10. PhotoPad Photo Editor ($29.99)

Amidst the tidy interface & crisp accessibility- PhotoPad Photo Editor is best photo editor which offers almost each need of photo-editing demands-both advanced and basic. Blemish fixation, colour enhancement, red-eye removal, saturation adjustments, creation of panoramas, etc. are among its in-built feature-set.

With the armory of Standard & Advanced tools –it has all the bases covered. For better workability it offers batch-processing too. It is fledged with a 250-font database accompanied by a neat photo organizer though it doesn’t have a Search option. It is quite compatible with Mac, Windows, Android and Kindle too.

Unfortunately, it lacks the important features like HDR imaging, vector & layer additions, etc. Furthermore, it supports only a mediocre selection of only 6 file formats.For technical support, PhotoPad offers video tutorials, FAQ’s, user-guides, forums, etc. They also provide prompt phonetic & email support.


  • Clean and easily accessible set of tools and interface
  • Lack of important tools
  • Compatibility on multiple operating platforms
  • Excellent platform for beginners but limiting for advanced users.
Hope you have enjoyed list of best photo editing softwares . Have a best photo editing!